RIP 'Mr Bond'. Murdoch plays some of his music in Border Runners 3 (~1:30). was found via: Argent Beacon, which has all of Mr Bond's music. 2021-12-29 /pol/ thread with updated information:

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2022-01-19: A 4-hour Richard Spencer stream on twitter (no account needed), on 'REM (Mark Brahmin's Apolloism), Jesus, Dan Crenshaw, heroism and more'. (meh - at least the first hour is just arguing whether Jesus was even real.)

2022-01-01: Richard Spencer with J F Gariepy, breaking a long silence since the Charlottesville trial. J F is in good spirits too, no longer having to squelch himself on YouTube.

2021-12-31: Dr Robert Malone (on the vaxx) on Joe Rogan. Video (full length, seems the best version):
An audio-only download (but is cut down to only 2 hours, and is choked with ads):
Audio only, looks official, but requires DRM be turned on:
The original, but requires DRM and an account:

2021-12-29: Long, but thorough video on the dangers of the vax + inadequacy of Pfizer's study (the one that got Robert Malone kicked off of twitter).

2021-12-16: Joe Rogan Podcast with Dr Peter McCullogh.

2021-12-14: E Michael Jones on 'Labor vs Usury': Starting at about 7:20. The main things I got out of it: usury drives workers into slavery, and, not paying a family wage reduces the workforce, because people don't breed when their wage is too low. His example at around 11 minutes is of Florence transitioning from manufacturing to finance under the Medicis. He says that usury is a death-spiral for an economy. The connections make themselves.

2021-11-14: 7-minute summary of the science on the vax

2021-11-13: Conversation between James Howard Kunstler and Steve Kirsch about the nature of the COVID vax and the institutional support for it. It turns out that everyone is following the CDC, and the man who would deal with a negative response on VAERS - John R. Su - refuses to deal with it. Steve Kirsch's substack.

2021-11-02: A conversation between Jared Taylor and Gregory Hood about Guillaume Faye and the future of Europeans and white identity. Very Murdochian.