Fan Videos

Jack Gladder's (telegram, gab) 'Murdoch Murdoch Fan Trailer' (Odysee). (YouTube channel, with more videos)

Frame Game Radio's 'Best of Murdoch Murdoch (Annotated)' (made 2016 or 2017)

Wretching Weasel's 'Murdoch Murdoch AMV' -- (YouTube channel, Bitchute)

Waifu Pillow ワイフ枕 's Absolute Waifu 絶対ワイフ -- (YouTube channel, and bitchute, where he has more 'based' stuff.) An earlier AC/DC version

I'm Doing a Thing in My Spare Time (animation of the first two minutes of AMA 1)

Jack Gladder's (telegram, gab, YouTube) 'Murdoch Murdoch Tribute' (Odysee).